Speed Racing Trikster

Hope you noticed how bundled Kiggster was on her plane ride to LA.  Well, when we stepped out of the plane, and outside the airport, it was super sunny and warm!  Had to shed some layers there when we got to the house-for all of us!  But before getting to the house, we stopped at the Veggie Grill for some lunch first…yup a vegetarian restaurant, it was yummy!  We even fed Kiggster some kale for the first time, she seemed to like it!  When we got to the house, we were ready for some sun…something that’s a rarity back at home!  So we headed outside to their front lawn for some free-play!  Of course before heading out, the mamarazzi had to make a couple click-stops in the house…

That’s Ethan on Evey’s bed.

Some playtime in the kids’ room!






We sat Kiggster on the grass lawn and let her do her “weed wacking!” There’s something about pulling grass that really appeals to her because she enjoys pulling grass not only with both her hands but both her feet too!  Yup, she curls those little long toes of hers around the grass and pulls at them!  After she’s pulled them up, she proceeds to eat them, but I don’t think she realizes that the grass from the lawn isn’t the same as drinking the health-freak’s wheatgrass shots!



Then Lucy (Honey’s sister) brought out some bubbles for our playtime.  Ethan (our nephew) totally loved chasing the bubbles all around and trying to pop them before they hit the grass.    Ethan kinda reminds me of that Ukrainian gymnast, Alexei Nemov, I remember watching in the Olympics when I was younger…




Then after the front lawn, we were moving to the backyard, which also houses their garage.  Lucy goes to the back and pulls open the garage, revealing a kid’s dream…lots of toys!  Ethan showed Kiggster how to go down her very 1st slide (with assistance of course)!  If only we had the room to fit these things into our place!  You see that little tent behind the slide-love it!


Then Honey decides to put the Kiggster on her very first trike experience but it was a little uncomfortable for him and for her…


The trike is meant for kids a little bit older when they can sit on their own & pedal – not quite there yet!

Kiggster was fascinated by her own shadow all weekend!
Ethan running w/blue chalk!

Apparently it was yummy blue chalk!

Then, Lucy brought out this trike and it was like a ta-da moment!

Trikster #1 speeding out of the gate!

Doesn’t she look like a total roadster, both hands on the handlebars and body leaned forward with her speed racer look?!  Honey and I really enjoyed pushing her around in the Smart Trike too, because it had a handlebar for parents to steer the trike.  It’s supposed to grow with the kids from before they can pedal and sit by themselves to 3 different stages, last being no parent steering and just a regular tricycle.

Honey and I just pushed her around the backyard in the trike and she was so content, kicking around her little feet up and down, bitting on the handlebars, and every now and then lifting her head up to do her little laugh!

Then we were ready for some trike racing, although I think Ethan has home-yard advantage!  He seriously looks like a biker, doesn’t it look like he’s riding a motorcycle?!



Then while we continued pushing her around the yard, Honey and I just talked and enjoyed the afternoon sun!  After a little while, we noticed that things were a little quiet up front…



Could it be that she really fell asleep on the handlebars?  She was totally out.  Even after we took her out of the bike and laid her down to sleep, she didn’t budge.  She was so tired after the plane ride and now the bike ride!  So after riding on tricycles all afternoon and seeing her bite and fall asleep on the handlebars, we couldn’t stop singing the song by Flobots called Handlebars.  I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars…except Honey liked remixing it with things like I like to ride my bike biting on the handlebars, the handlebars
Then we were headed out for some Peruvian food with the rest of the family!  Honey’s parents finally made it into LAX after spending about 6 hours at the SFO airport!  That whole weekend, we had to keep asking for 3 highchairs for the Kiggster, Ethan, and Evey, then trying to figure out where to seat everyone else around those highchairs!


We were ready for bed after dinner and all that playing.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more of what Kiggster did in SoCal!  Now for some milestone highlights…

After we came back from LA, on Monday, the Kiggster was playing with her toys in the living room and doing her favorite thing-pulling up and standing.  Then as I’m watching her playing, she lets go of both her hands from her toy while she’s standing and just stands without any assistance!  She actually held herself up for a good 5 seconds!  That’s HUGE!!!  I was amazed and scared all at the same time.  I better get on top of cleaning things up because she definitely likes standing and walking more than she likes crawling-although she’s been crawling a lot more and faster nowadays.  She really enjoys pulling herself up with and then walking around, holding onto anything around her!  I noticed that she’ll crawl towards you if you have something of interest like a cellphone, computer, or food!

Then on Tuesday, I had her playing inside her crib and as usual, she enjoys pulling herself up with the rails.  I always make smooching noises and say the word kiss in English and Cantonese and she usually just looks at me and laughs.  Then this time, I did it 2 times and then I heard her make a similar noise-not exactly smooching with the pursed out lips but I think she did it with her tongue against the roof of her mouth.  I repeated it and then she made the noise again!  I couldn’t believe it so I did it 2 more times and each time she made the same noise!!!!  My baby can give smooches!  But she stopped after that, guess she got tired of giving smooches.  She hasn’t done it again since but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time!

Alright, hope you all enjoyed your sunny Thursday (at least I hope it was sunny where you’re at)!


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