St. Patrick’s Craft Using Valentine’s Day Supplies

With St. Patrick's Day only 2 weeks away, it's time to set our crafts, foods and decor mode in motion!  With that, I am very happy to Introduce you all to Jessica from Begin To Craft who is here to share a super easy St. Patrick's Day craft with you that utilizes some of your left over Valentine's Day supplies.  I definitely have a lot of those left over so I will need to put them to use with this craft so it doesn't sit idle for another year!  Hope you all will enjoy making it!  

I want to express my thanks for allowing me to guest post here at Kangaroo Mom today. Thank you Kathy! I have 3 small children and we love to do craft projects around the house. You can find me and see our past St. Patrick's day crafts on my blog, Begin To Craft

 St patricks day simple craft

So it seems common knowledge that we crafty types like having things to do and decorate for each holiday. Being Irish just gives me even more reason to enjoy St Patty's Day. I am trying to be very eco-friendly, and the hubby would prefer I don't continue to buy new craft supplies when I already have a house-ful already, so I decided it would be fun to see what I could come up with to have the kids do using supplies already on hand. It finally hit when when I was looking around just one of my supply rooms lol. It wasn't too hard either since Valentine's day has just passed and we still hadn't really fully cleaned up from it. (We crafty types aren't always so good with housekeeping, right?! Tell me I am not alone.) So I had this big collection of foam hearts sitting around, and I decided it would be simple enough to remove the backing to stick it to paper and add an Irish Blessing to it. Each child could paint the stickers green to look like a shamrock, and there would be a simple, decorative St. Patrick's Day project using supplies I had leftover.

foam craft hearts

So, I tried a couple different ways to paint it. Literally a couple; markers and my kid paint pots that come with other craft projects. At least the marker is washable right? But, it still didn't look horrible.

painting white foam

You can see the "line" down the middle where one side was painted with marker and the other using the paint.

painted green heart

Here is a close up of it. Again- it looks fine, I would use it and let the kids do it for an easy craft and because both ways to color the foam really work, it can function for several age groups. Then it was just a matter of putting it together.

St Patricks Day art

I started playing with it in the white with a green cardstock background. This is a 8×10 card stock cut in half. I decided I thought the white on the green actually looked pretty good as well. But it needed something. An Irish Blessing. So I pulled one up and created a quick little printable that I am sharing with you as a free printable.

irish blessing printable

I printed this in 4×6 and 3.5×5 size and then cut it down to see which I liked better. I had so many different sizes of the hearts I wasn't sure how I wanted to put it together. I created this printable as an image file so that you can print it off in any size that you want and it will look nice.

Different St Patrick's day art options

 So, I put the options together to see which I liked better. I can't decide. What do you think?

You can find Jessica at Begin To Craft BlogFacebook, and Twitter.  Go send her some love and if you tried making this craft, we'd both love to hear about it and see pictures!  If you did any variations on it, please share!  Also, if you have any other St. Patrick's Day Crafts, Recipes, Posts, etc, please link up below, we'd love to visit and get some inspiration for the upcoming holiday!



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  1. Amazing diy! I love it:)

  2. I want to do St. Patrick's day crafts with Roo and Kangaroo Mama! Really cute ideas. I remember when I was in kindergarten my teacher put tiny little green furniture in one of our cubbies. She told us that during the day the leprechaun went out to hide but at night when we went home he wold make his home in the cubby. All of the kids thought it was real and we loved looking at his tiny furniture and guessing where he might be hiding. I want to try to do something similar for my kids.

    • Thanks so much Aimee for the encouragement, it is such a cute leprechaun idea! It reminds of the elf in a shelf for Christmas! I wonder if we could do the same for Easter too…mini furniture with a little bunny?!

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