Stair Master

You know we don’t really have stairs at home so we don’t get many chances to see Kiggster’s climbing skills.  We did see a couple times her climb on top of her piano toy onto the couch and that was pretty crazy.  But we were at a friend’s house for a birthday party and there she was climbing up the stairs!  I think it was also to chase after Kona, a huge brown dog!  She was in love with this dog and also learned to pet rather than violently grab at their fur.  I think Kona was running away from Kiggster because every time she came by, Kona would go away.  You’d see Kiggster crawling under the table to get to Kona, then when she got there, Kona would be gone!  Hehehe, it was totally cute, like a cat and mouse game but a Kiggster and a dog!  I think we need to go to Gong-Gong and Po-Po’s house to let her practice on their nice carpeted staircase.  I wonder how fast she’ll go!  TGIF…finally!


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