Standing Champ!

So it’s been a crazy couple days for us in the household.  Work has been busy, even though it’s been without internet, Honey’s started school this week, and Kiggster is getting faster, smarter, and more talented!  I’m glad to report that we have successfully made it through Honey’s first week of school even though it started out pretty comical.  We thought his class was starting Monday since his new professor changed class times from T/TH to M/W/F schedule.  He goes to USF Campus on Monday all prepared and we even packed him some snack for his bag and his truck!  It’s kinda quiet for a first day of class…  I get a text in the afternoon that read something like this, “I feel really stupid, classes don’t start at USF until Tuesday so my 1st class isn’t until Wednesday!”  Doh, I guess that was the dry run!  Now we know how it will be like dropping off Kiggster, parking, and finding his new class location!

So I never got to share pictures that I took of Rayne turning 9 months (even though I took them almost 2 weeks late)!  In her 9 month photos, you can see her new milestone…

So I’ve decided something…Kiggster has Honey’s hair!  No seriously!  Now that she’s gotten a little more hair, her and Honey (especially when his short buzz cut has grown a bit) both wake up with the same faux-hawk!  Now I just need to catch a picture of them side by side with that bed head!  As they say, like father, like daughter-cute!

It’s so much harder to capture those smiling-I mean really cheesing it photos now!  She seems to be in the stage of liking to pout a lot or her innocent and confused look, which are totally cute too of course!

Alright so you’ve heard me talking a lot about her standing lately right?!  Well she likes practicing it…

Wait for it…

Ta-da!  Trying to grab onto Mama!  But that one didn’t last as long.

Ooops, back on the floor but we’re not quitters!  I’m gonna try again!

 This time I mean business!  I’m gonna show you how it’s really done!

 Look Mama, no hands!  I’m standing unassisted, woohoo!

She gets so excited that she’s standing that she starts flapping her arms up and down furiously!  Sometimes that makes her fall but more and more now, she keeps herself up!  A couple times she gets so excited that she even jumps, just a little jump, but big enough where her little feet are lifted off the floor!  Even after a little jump, she still lands on her feet standing!  Crazy, she’s growing up so fast-where has the time gone?!  I need to stop time somehow, it’s all passing by so fast!  
So I finally made Kiggster her first flower headband and tutu!  Woohoo!  They actually turned out pretty nicely too!  I’m hoping I can catch some pictures of her in it this weekend.  I’m envisioning a park with uber green grass!  Now I’m working on making her some bow clips…those seem a little bit more challenging than I’d like to admit!  But I hope I get it down so that she can have some super cute bows now that her hair is growing out a bit!  Hope it’s a sunny weekend!

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