Swan Lake Production

Ok, I don’t usually do this but because I’m so behind on Rayne updates, I’m gonna do a Weekend posting!  If I can get the videos to work, you might get more than 1!

So a little more than 2 weeks ago I went to a bible study and Honey watched the Kiggster along with the other dad who’s baby girl is also the same age as Kiggster.  They two of  them were supposed to be born on the same day but Rayne was 10 days early and Olivia was 2 days late so now they’re like 2 weeks apart!  The video is cute of the 2 of them, Kiggster can definitely hold her own weight, even despite the tugging!  I think she really likes play dates with other babies/kids…peaks her curiosity and she learns from them too!

Well, this past Saturday, she got to go to a “Forever Family” party for our friends Shawn and Caitlyn officially welcoming baby Bella into their family.  Yup, according to our government, Bella is officially theirs!  Congrats!!!  Of course, Caitlyn being the Queen of Cupcakes, had everything cupcakes there!  Mini cupcakes, medium sized cupcakes, Big cupcake cake, and yup, even a cupcake pinata!  So the other nice thing about going to play dates for the Kiggster is…NEW TOYS to play with!!!  On the Play List is Jenny Jump Up!  Watch her little feet in the video, it totally looks like she’s a little ballerina dancing to Swan Lake or she’s doing some really funky old-school dance moves-you decide!

Hope you enjoyed our videos!  Finally just had to download them onto YouTube first before being able to get them to work here on the blog…at least I hope it’s working!


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