Symphony Concert of Kiggster

Before the Kiggster was born, I would play piano for Honey with her still in the womb.  Now that she’s here, many nights before we put her to bed, we like to play piano together.  Well, when she was first born, I would wear her inside the sling while I played and let her listen.  Then she graduated to sitting on my lap watching me play.


Letting her feel the piano!

Then it was her putting her hands on my hands while I played, I think she liked feeling her hands moving across the keyboard.  Now, she is sitting up on my lap, leaned forward towards the keyboard and “playing” the piano.  She’s SO cute when she does it too ’cause she looks all official.  She’ll play a little, look up at the music book, then back down at the keyboard and she even leans over to not only play on the keys right in front of her but to the sides too!  However, when we turned the video camera on, she was distracted!  Hope you still enjoy the video but know that this is just a teaser, you’ll have to watch her in person to get the full concert!  However, the next one will include an admission/viewing fee! 


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