Tadpole-A Frog in Training

Alright, I know I teased you yesterday by telling you she had several firsts and I only told you one!  Hehe but it’s worth the wait ’cause now there’s 3!  She now knows how to float in water and has also started crawling forwards!!! On Wednesday and Thursday, Honey and I each separately saw her crawl 2 little awkward crawls forward.  While she was doing it, we would call each other to come see and when we arrived, she was sprawled on the floor instead.  It seemed at that point 2 steps was all she could handle crawling forwards before her hands and legs would just spread out and she would plop down on the floor.  We went to her Saturday morning swim lesson and this time, Honey went in the water with her (we’re taking turns). 


Daddy & Baby all ready to hit the water!  So this class there were a lot more dads with their kids than last week-which was totally cool to see!  I think maybe the parents are doing the same thing we were thinking-switching off each week!  She seemed more comfortable in the water this week.  Last week when I had her in the water, she kept her feet all curled up even when I tried to straighten them out so I could get her to kick the water, it would stay curled in.  This time, with Honey, she was actually willing to lay flat and “float” in the water!



Bummer about the dark and blurry photos but they wouldn’t let non-swimming parents to stand down below so I had to stand farther.  But when I stand farther and try to zoom in, my camera couldn’t handle it and so the pictures all came out dark and blurry instead.  So those were already cream of the crop photos from the bunch!  He’s just supporting her arms I believe in those pictures, the bottom half is her allowing her body to float up!  I’m so proud of her!  Then they played Retrieve the Toy Boat where you put the boat of of their reach and make them go and get it!

 Oh so close…


YEAH!  She got the boat, Woohoo!  Then there were baby races, ok no, it was Red Light, Green Light but it looked like baby races…

They were all lined up like they were going to race each other!  So how did she place in the races?!

Who said it’s a race anyways?!  They’re all winners!  And anyways, the slow and steady always win…you know the tortoise wins in the end right?!  So Honey really enjoyed swimming with the Kiggsters and I think she felt the same way too!  We like her Tiny Tadpoles swim class…our baby tadpole is growing up!

We think because of the swimming and learning to float and kick in the water, it helped her suddenly pick up crawling forwards!  We were home that afternoon and I put her down to play on the carpet and she wanted to grab for some out-of-reach toys.  Then I had to take a double take and call Honey over  because she surpassed her 2 step crawls and actually went like 5 or so!  You can’t take too many crawls in our place-it’s kinda tiny and with all my junk, even less space for her to crawl around in!  It was amazing, she did that one more time later that day!  It’s been inconsistent and still a little wobbly but she did it and it’s only a short time before she’s all over the place!  Actually even when she didn’t crawl forwards she’s all over the place-just seemed like she would magically appear in a new spot of the room, far from where she was originally left!  Lately, her favorite thing is to pull at the loose threads in my rug!  I tried to cover it up but she uncovers it and pulls some more!  *sigh*  I think I need to retire the rug and completely cover the living room instead with the foam pieces!  Speaking of foam-she loves her foam blocks but I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! 

So for her 3rd first…this is just from 5am this morning!  I feel like everytime I say something to the Kiggster, I say it in 3 differnet languages: English, Cantonese, and then sign language!  I’m trying to make sure she’s multi-lingual but it’s a lot of work learning it all!  We’ve been doing this for a long time now (especially the milk sign) and so this morning, Honey was putting her back into the crib for sleep after being up for like 2 hours playing (yup from 3am).  Then he said that she stuck her arm up in the air and started signing for milk.  He brought her over to me to see if she really was hungry for milk or it was just an accidental gesture.  She was hungry for milk!  WOW, she’s just doing more than I can keep track of!  Hopefully we’ll get to the point where she won’t have to whine for things she wants but can communicate through sign language!  We’re so proud of her! 

Oh and Yee-Po, don’t forget to send us that video ’cause she was too darn cute in it!  Honey, Kiggster, and I went to visit Tai-Gong and Tai-Po and Yee-Po on Sunday and took some pretty cute pictures along with a funny video of Kiggster doing air-farts on my thigh!  By the way, Yee-Po, hope your I-Pad charged ok that night (Kiggster spit up all over it…twice)!  Stay tuned for more Rayne tomorrow!


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