Cheap & Easy Father’s Day Gift: DIY Toilet Paper Roll Dad Doll

If you are a procrastinator like me, you probably need a quick and easy Father's Day craft for the kids!  This is quick, easy, and cheap and you probably already have it lying around in your bathroom.  I do like to try and be resourceful and think of ways to use things that could be thrown out as garbage.  Which is why I have a million toilet paper rolls laying around the house because I am trying to figure out ways to utilize them.  So we had Father's Day crafting time yesterday and this is the result:   So Roo helped me pick out all the colors and told me what was missing as I implemented the ideas.  She even said he needed hands!  I think I even got his hair down?!  I think my little dude shows some resemblance to Honey...don't you think?!  Well, I just need to give him some glasses and we'll be all set, maybe I will add them with some wire!   I used pipe cleaners for the arms, construction paper for the hair, belt, and pants, patterned paper for the shirt and tie and … [Read more...]

Revamp Christmas Turned Valentines: Gingerbread Love Shack Activity

I know Christmas has passed well over a month now but what happens to all the Christmas stuff that you loved so much or bought an over abundance of or items that are now on deep discount?!  Why don't we revamp some of them and use them for Valentine's Day?!  One of the first projects I wanted to share with you is the Gingerbread House Kit that I bought over Christmas and had grand plans to put together.  However, the holiday season was super busy and there definitely wasn't time between parties, dinners, and errands but I definitely didn't want to wait until next Christmas to put it to use!  So I called some of Kiggster and I's besties and I put together a play date to make a Gingerbread Love Shack! Oh yeah baby…love shack, baby, love shack but in the cleanest, most G-rated way known to children!  I also had some Christmas candy that I bought with red, green, and brown chocolate chips and I picked out all the green ones leaving only … [Read more...]

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