Little Passports 5th Birthday Celebration Event

Little Passports is turning 5 and you're invited to their party!  San Francisco-based kids’ educational subscription company, Little Passports, is holding its 5thBirthday Celebration on April 26th, at the Bay Area Discovery Museum! Bring your entire family to this exciting event, where kids (recommended for ages 5+) can go around the world and participate in hands-on crafts, science experiments and educational activities. There will also be a“globetrotting” photo booth.  This event is free with museum admission. Where:            Bay Area Discovery Museum, Discovery Theater 557 McReynolds Rd, Sausalito, CA When:              Saturday, April 26, 2014 Time:               10am – 12pm Snacks will be provided Kangaroo Mama was provided free product from the sponsor company for this post.   … [Read more...]

Cirque Dreams Holidaze In San Francisco Until 12/15

When I first heard about Cirque Dreams Holidaze, I wasn't sure what to expect but watching their preview video clip (watch it at the bottom of this post) gave me some idea.  The show is intended for audiences of all ages, children included and so once I saw that, I knew I wanted to bring Kiggster with me for her very first theater experience!  She is 3 years old and most shows at the theater don't allow them in until around 5 so I jumped on the opportunity to take her on a date with me.  We headed for the Curran Theater on Wednesday evening for the opening night and started our adventure. The show was non-stop action from the time the curtains opened to the end, except for the short intermission in between.  I loved that the acrobatic performances were all set to a theme with a coordinating holiday song.  Each performance, there were about 20+, was different from the next and even while there were main performers, there was tons of activity going on around the main performers.  Which … [Read more...]

Review Of The Spectacular Lion King Musical: In San Francisco Now

What could possibly be better than seeing the Lion King movie?!  I laughed with Pumbaa and Timon at all their jokes, in tears over Mustafa, blood boiled over Scar, cheered on as Nala and Simba discovered their love for each other, sang along with all the songs, and much more.  Well, let me tell you about the Lion King Musical.  Not only did I do all the same things as I did for the movie, the musical brought everything to life and delivered it a thousand times better than I could have imagined.   I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see the Lion King Musical with Honey and 2 of our friends.  We were able to see the show in the Orchestra level, which I highly recommend because the show is filled with surprises throughout , which I won't spoil for you, and it's much more fun experiencing those surprises from the seats in the Orchestra level.  I am sure the show wil still be just as amazing even at the Balcony and Mezzanine levels but … [Read more...]

The Lion King Musical Is Playing In San Francisco NOW!

I have been looking forward to The Lion King musical coming to San Francisco for awhile now and it is finally here!  Guess who gets to go this Wednesday?! Honey and I!!!  No, that's not a typo, Kiggster isn't going and so it will be date night for Honey and I!  It opened last week and will be playing at the Orpheum Theater but they won't be there forever so make sure you snag some tickets before they head to a different tour location on January 13, 2013!  You can purchase tickets here and find more information about the show too.  I will be posting me review of the musical shortly after this week when I get to watch it so be on the look out for that!  In the meantime, check out the clip below for some Lion King excitement!   Kangaroo Mama was provided tickets for free from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company.  … [Read more...]

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