The Sequel: Kangaroo Mama’s Bday Excursion

So last weekend, Honey totally bailed on homework and spent ALL weekend with me!  Eek to homework but Yeah for me!  So lemme just start by admitting that I’ve become a cheese lover, or as some of my friends like to call me, the cheese monster!  I think I’ve always liked cheese but would never pay to order a cheese platter at a restaurant because it’s just outrageous to pay $14 for 2 or 3 tiny pieces of cheese because they give you a slice of bread, a quarter of a fig, and some honey to go with it!  That was until about a little over 2 years ago, I got a gift card to Left Bank restaurant and we had a decent amount of $ on the card to spend and we were just ordering things left and right.  We had 3 appetizers, 2 drinks, 2 entrees, and I think 2 desserts, and even ordered a cheese platter (because we had some money left over) and still had money for tip on the card!  Crazy I know!  Honey and I discovered our all time favorite cheese-try it sometime, called Humboldt Fog!  WOW, it’s pretty darn good.  Well, after that, we would just talk about the cheese platter but continued with our string cheese and grocery store stuff.  Then I discovered Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building.  We now budget cheese as a line item in our grocery budget!  Good cheese comes at a price but I guess we shouldn’t be eating too much of it at one time anyways-it should be enjoyed not devoured right?!  Same can be said of quality meats like grass-fed beef, etc but that’s another posting!

So needless to say, my honey took me to the Point Reyes Station Cowgirl Creamery where they actually make the cheese!  The one at the Ferry Building has so much cheese and they let you sample before you buy too.  The cheesemongers (such a funny name huh?!) are so knowledgeable and nice-you just tell them what you think you’re looking for in taste, texture, type of milk-goat, sheep, cow, buffalo and they pull out some options for your tasting pleasure.  Well, since Ferry Building has so much variety and they are only a retail location, I figured we couldn’t go wrong with the Point Reyes Station location because they actually make cheese there!  Too bad they only give tours and cheese making classes on weekdays-who goes on a weekday anyways?! 

The drive there was absoluteley beautiful!  Can you imagine driving that in a car with the top down, hair blowing in the wind, and the scarf on my neck trailing behind me?!  Hehe, aaahhh, inside my dusty Corolla, barely brushed hair, Kiggster “singing” in the back seat, and Honey driving with one hand on the wheel and other hand holding mine!  Even better than I imagined!  The drive took longer than anticipated because of how curvy the roads were but we even made some stops.  On one of the mountains at the bend of a curve, we saw a small sign that said Garden Sale-Left!  YEAH!!!!!  Oh, well, that enthusiasm needs a little explanation doesn’t it?!  Many who know me will say I have a black thumb-nothing I’ve ever grown has survived.  But I want to though, I dream of beautiful gardens, yummy fruit trees, delicious veggies & herbs, pretty cut flowers for the table straight from my garden, grown by me!  Well, instead I have a tiny patio that has 1 surviving plant in the past 5 years we’ve been married-a plumeria!  Even plants people say are hardy and you can’t kill…well, that plant hasn’t met me!  I recently acquired a small garden plot at a community garden near us and I want veggies and I’m gonna do all I can to keep them alive and teach the Kiggster to love real foods!

Ok, so we make a SHARP left turn down a really steep hill into a place called Slide Ranch-name’s fitting!  It was such a beautiful location and it’s an educational ranch too so they teach kids, do camps, etc. 

This is us in their parking lot, even that looked pretty.  You could see the water and lots of greenery-something that’s rare in the city.  We headed down to the garden area and I asked them LOTS of questions.  They were so patient with me and gave me lots of good advice too!  Love them already!  We bought 2 different types of plants: Calendula, an edible flower, and another plant that starts with an S-have the name at home but I always have trouble with the name, something used in Italian dishes and got free Chard seeds.  I got lots of great ideas for our small garden plot-anyone wanna come help pull some weeds and scatter some seeds?!  Then we walked around the ranch and saw these cute little things…


They’re baby goats and baby sheeps!  It was almost like we were in the country with all the green grass and animals.  The Kiggster loved her close encounter with the farm animals…


 Then she was hungry so we sat down near the animals to feed her.  The baby goats had gone back into their shelter but the moment they heard the Kiggster whining and fussing, they both came rushing out and up the hill to see what was going on.  The Kiggster kinda sounds like a baby goat actually so I think the 2 baby goats were answering to the call of a “baby goat” in distress!  Cute isn’t it?!  Time to continue on our journey to Cowgirl Creamery, but not until we have one more photo op…

We got into the town and found Cowgirl Creamery, but since they didn’t close until 6pm, we decided to have lunch first ’cause it was already late!  We chose Marin Sun Farms Restaurant where they serve organic meats!  Yum!  They had grass-fed beef burgers, pork cheek sandwiches, and they sold fresh meats there too.  The fresh meats were kinda pricey (ie. $23/lb of boneless New York Steak) but hey, quality and not quantity right?!  Didn’t buy any this time, but I think we’ll have to start making a new line item for organic meats in our grocery budget!  Less meats, better quality!!!

Kiggy choosing our next destination…

She was on a serious mission to find THE spot!

At Marin Sun Farms Restaurant

So we get to Cowgirl Creamery after lunch and it was in a nice location with chairs and tables outside with a nice little lawn.  We go inside and there’s a tiny produce stand and then their cheese display.  I was a little disappointed that their cheese selection seemed a lot smaller than at the Ferry Building, but nonetheless, I was still excited to try cheese!  I wanted things I’d not tried before and were different.  Some soft, some semi-hard cheeses.  I realize I don’t like cheese that’s too salty but Roderick doesn’t seem to like ones that are too creamy…hmm.  Well, I felt kinda rushed by the cheesemonger helping us out so I could not fully enjoy my cheese tasting but I think we ended up bringing home some nice cheeses.  The PR location does try to sell you on their own CC cheeses more than the location in the FB but hey, just more cheese for me to try I guess.  We ended up with CC’s Wagon Wheel and another cheese called Hyku (one of the most expensive cheeses per pound we’ve bought so far). 

Kiggy wants some cheese too…

One REALLY happy Kangaroo Mama holding her bag of cheeses!  See all that cheese behind her in the “cheese kitchen”?!  Told you it’s like a cheese lover’s dream come true! 

The next day, some of our friends celebrated my birthday at Chevy’s and yes, I do have proof that I was there or maybe we could’ve been in Cancun too!  Hey, it was an authentic sombrero I was sportin’ there!

 So that concludes our Day(s) of Rest last weekend!  I’m looking forward to our day of rest this coming weekend.  I am trying to convince Honey to take me to Mission Cheese ’cause they just had their grand opening today! Yes, you heard me right, TODAY!  I wanna go SO bad!  Oh, and we’ll be de-weeding our little garden plot too!  Join us again next time for our adventures…


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