Tickle Hot Spots

Ok for those of you that read this blog for Rayne updates, I won’t disappoint you by only posting a review today.  I will do my best on the days that I post a review to also do a posting about Rayne. So here’s a Rayne Update:

So I’ve discovered some nice little tickle/snuggle spots on the Kiggster. The first one discovered was if you snuggled and kissed her like crazy on her cheeks.  Then I started snuggling up in her neck-I like even doing that to my Honey so I thought I’d try with Honey Mini.  It worked, it would make her chuckle!  I was on a mission to find them all-all her snuggly ticklish spots! 


During her diaper changes, her tummy would be conveniently exposed so what would I do?!  Snuggle her tummy and blow air-farts (for a lack of a better term ’cause I have no idea how else to describe them) on her.  Oh boy, she liked that too. 


Last night, I had to do the “sit test” because my Honey always makes fun of me for strapping her diaper covers(We use cloth diapers) on too tight, so tight that she can’t even sit up!  I’m trying to prevent leakage… Well, I decided to do the sit test with her and put her at the edge of our bed, let her sit up with her feet hanging a little off the bed.  She sat up!!! Woohoo, not too tight then!  Since her feet were dangling, I decided to kiss and snuggle her cute little feet.  Guess what happened?!  She started laughing and actually even “talking.”  She held like a long baby conversation with me and that was a first for both my honey and I.  We’d never heard her that talkative before!  It was awesome.  In the midst of the talking she also said, “hey, hey, hey” in her baby talk kinda way.  Never knew I had such a ghetto little Asian baby!

Neh, neh! You can’t tickle me!

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