Tid Bit Wednesday

I know, I didn’t post yesterday!  It’s been one of those weeks so far & we’re only 1/2 way into it.  I went to a work thing in Stanford yesterday and not only did I get lost and was late going there, I was lost coming back home too!  Because of this work thing, I didn’t get to pump for like 8 hours all day!  Then while trying to get unlost to come home, I get stuck in a HUGE line of cars which I couldn’t get out of!. Honey and Kiggster were so awesome, they sent Kitty Rescue Dispatch to come get me when it was apparent that I wouldn’t be home for awhile.  So around 7:30pm, we all got to San Mateo and had dinner there together.  My night was pretty crazy but it was so nice knowing that Honey was willing to pack the Kiggster all up to come get me…even after I told him that he shouldn’t because it would be too much of a hassle.  We didn’t get home till around 9:30pm and then it took another hour to put her to bed.  Then of course, today, I go and forget one of my breastshields for pumping at home!  I go to get all hooked up and I’m missing one side.  So I thought, well, I’ll just do one side at a time.  Uh, the other side was leaking while I pumped the other and then when I switched the same thing would happen.  It was one milky mess!  *sigh*  Is the week over yet? 
Well, now that we’ve got my week covered, let’s share little tidbits about the Kiggster…

Doesn’t she look so beautiful with her little orchid?! 




So during the Rescue Mission today when Honey and Kiggster came with my missing breastshield, the Kiggster got complimented A LOT by my CEO.  He thought she looked “stunning!”   Then he said to Honey, “If she were mine, I’d be sitting at home making some $cha-ching$ off her!”  He thought she would be a great Gerber baby model and that we could make some bucks off her doing commercials!  Now, if I could gather more of those pictures for the baby contest.  Which of the ones above should I include? 

Here’s my serious supermodel look!

Then the silly supermodel look!

Now onto all her new favorite toys (no it’s not a comprehensive list, just some highlights):

Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like, Tupperware!  She has lots of toys but this is one of her favorites at the moment.  Her 2nd one is the matching lid to this tupperware!  Then Honey took one of my milk storage glass jars and stuck 2 easter egg chocolates in it and let her play with it.  It makes noise everytime she rolls it around so that is her 3rd favorite new toy!  Then there’s this…

 This little girl of our’s loves to jump…that might even be an understatement! Kiggster wants to say, “Thanks Yee Yee for our new jump-jump!”  This was the first day that the jumper arrived and as you can see, I didn’t even get a chance to adjust it to her height yet but she was still lovin’ it!  She’s gotten better and better at jumping on it each day!  Now while I’m in the kitchen, I can still see her and she can be well entertained!

Alright, so we’ll leave you with these last parting photos…

I know, she’s oozing with so much cuteness that the cuteness barometer is getting overloaded!!!! 

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