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So I've been trying to plan out some Christmas cards to send out this year.  It's been a couple years since our last Christmas card.  I believe our one and only Christmas card that we sent out was from our 2007, two years after our marriage.  Then every year after that, I couldn't get my act together in time for Xmas cards, then not even New Year's cards, then not even Chinese New Year cards…you get the gist.  Then in 2 years ago, I just couldn't get myself to get printed holiday cards while battling with the unexpected Bell's Palsy that left half my face out of commission.  I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror let alone print photos for people to hang up on their fridge.  I'm in the small percentage of people that never fully recovered from it but I think after living with it for over 2 years now, I think I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that, this is how it will be and life goes on…wonderfully, might I add!  You know Kiggster came along last year and let's not talk about Xmas cards because I didn't even send out birth announcements (bad, I know)!  I've been looking up different companies, their promotions, and designs to see what I would want to go with as our first Xmas card to debut our family of three!

I found Tiny Prints through another blog and I love a lot of their designs.  The hard part will be choosing one design or if I go with multiple designs, who I'm going to send which design to!  Eek, choices!

Some of my favorite ones are as follows, in the order of my liking:

How cool is that, right?!  I don't think I've ever seen that design in any of the other photo card companies that I looked up but I totally think it's cute!  It's their Flip Card and you just have to go to the "Watch it in Action" option to see what I'm talking' about.  That would be such a neat card to take out of an envelope, I could see myself playing with that all day long! 
I also like the square tri-fold cards and especially like that design because it's Christmasy with the snowflake-like design but not cheesy Xmas!  I like that I can put multiple photos in one card, I always have a hard time choosing just 1 photo.
Then they have for the not so adventurous, these sleek lookin' Square Flat Cards.  The only drawback to these is the fact that postage may cost you more with the square envelopes but this would be really nice for family and friends that are local, which we have a lot of!  
Then for those that really don't want all the bells and whistles but just want a cute simple card, they have their Flat 5×7 Photo Cards, with lots of designs to choose from!
I like that with their cards, you can choose the layout of even the back of the cards with text, photos, # of photos, etc.  I think I might be getting a little too obsessed with Xmas Cards.  Are you on the market for some Christmas cards?!  Come check out Tiny Prints' selection here!  Play around their website and I'm sure you'll find something you'll like!  

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