Treasured Thursdays

So when I went back to work prematurely in February, I had some unused & unpaid bonding leave to take still.  So I decided to take one day a week off every Thursday until mid-May so I wouldn’t lose them.  It’s actually been great doing it that way because work gets so stressful that it’s nice to have a day off to stay with the Kiggster and enjoy her while she’s still at this newborn stage-learning, growing, and changing.  The Kiggster and I use those days to either hang out with Honey when he’s free from schoolwork, run errands, or hang out with family.    Honey’s taken us out during some of these Thursdays but whenever we’re not hanging out with Daddy, we’ve been having family dates with Po-Po (Kiggster’s Grandma/My Mama) and Yee-Yee!  We have lunch together and have eaten Chinese, Greek, Thai, and home-cooked meals together!  They’ve both been such troopers letting me do grocery shopping while they watch over the Kiggster.

Cuddling w/Po-Po

So loved!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

No it’s the flying Kiggster!

OOOh, I’m gonna pick some boogers! =P

Ready for our close-ups!

She really enjoys her time with Grandma & Auntie a lot and it’s nice for both mommy & baby to get some sun together!  Although this past Thursday, the Kiggster didn’t seem to like Thai food too much!  Everytime we had her inside the restaurant she wouldn’t stop crying but when one of us brought her outside for a walk, she was calm again.  My theory is she was over-stimulated by all the smells in the restaurant OR she picked up on the nasty vibes of the old dudes in a table near us.  The old guys in the table near us kept shooting us nasty glances every time the Kiggster made any noise and didn’t like that we had a baby in the restuarant…maybe they were the reason she wasn’t happy.  But either way, Tina did a great job helping to calm her down and feel better!  Although, she was supposed to be at work but took an extended lunch with us last week instead!  Then after we dropped her back off at work-reluctantly, Po-Po took us shopping for new bibs and socks!  We even got a new ABC playmat!

Yee-yee keeping me calm at the Thai restaurant!

Relaxing after a long day of shopping!

Can we have some CHEESE please?!

What will be in store for this Thursday?! Don’t know yet but we’ve been told that Thursdays are now being reserved exclusively for us only! That’s right, we deserve the undivided attention!


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