Tsunami Wave

So what happened after we left the fair?!  Well, Honey had found this map in our Trinidad hotel room of the coastline and different attractions along the way.  He found one particularly interesting called “The Lost Coast” and it was supposed to be a beautiful scenic drive along the coast, then through the Redwood Forest, and then spitting back out onto the freeway.  On the map it couldn’t have been much more than a fingertip away from our original route…until we drove on it.  It was a three hour detour from our original 3 hour drive so it was going to be 6 hours.  It was a super beautiful drive along the coast, no traffic, no cars, just cows, grass, ocean, and sun!


It seemed like we were the only car on the road for a long time and then there would be one, then they’d suddenly disappear, then another car would appear, then disappear.  It was a super windy road with no cell phone reception and then sunset was quickly approaching, which meant we had to be out of this and onto the freeway soon because it was going to get really dark!  However, we had no idea how much longer we really had because there were no signs and even though it seemed like we were driving for a long time already, it wasn’t a lot of distance, it was just that we had to go slower through all the curves and bends in the road!  Good thing we got gas right before we drove into this detour because there was nothing (no bathrooms, no gas, no restaurants, no homes) from there until we reached outside of the redwood forest.  We even had to stop for the cows crossing the road twice-very cute!  Then we had to cross two scary looking wooden bridges.  Then at night fall, we made it to the redwood forest but we still didn’t know how much longer we still had to go.  The forest was beautiful but too bad we didn’t have a chance to go out and explore.  Then when we got out of the forest, it was still a drive to the B&B.  That drive next to the water was really nice too but scary and eery.  There were no railings next to the cliff but super windy roads.  Then the fog was rolling in at night and made the water seem so eery but cool at the same time.  Well, we made it there just past midnight!  Kiggster was good most of the way but she definitely was tired of sitting in the car and not sleeping in a proper position.  I actually sat in the back with her most of this drive because she doesn’t do as well at night so to keep her somewhat comfortable, I had to stay in back to entertain her. 

Our b&b was so nice, I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy it or was there earlier to enjoy it.  We were in such a beautiful room and we got such a great deal on the place! 



We had a king bed with a fireplace and sitting area.  This one room had some really funky doors and hallways.  Honey’s standing in the strange hallway that leads to the bathroom but at the other end of the hallway, there’s another locked door. Then on the other side of the room, there’s another door to a closet but inside the closet there’s another locked door!  We kept thinking maybe in the middle of the night, hobbits would come out from those locked doors!  We had such a yummy breakfast at the Sandpiper House Inn with an amazing view from the dining room.  The innkeeper, Curtis, even took the time to ask me what our food restrictions were and I said no sugar and flour.  But I think he got it mixed up with the other people and gave us no sugar and salt instead.  Which was still great for the Kiggster since those are two things that we keep away from her so she was able to share our potato veggie omelette with us! 


That’s the view from the dining room but we forgot to bring the camera with us when we went to the beautiful backyard.  I loved our stay here and wish we could go back already.  We were now at the end of our trip and sad to say, we were going to have to drive back already! 

Recent Kiggster Update:

Since this past Saturday, Kiggster has been doing this thing that Honey has lovingly deemed the Tsunami Wave.  She sticks both arms straight up above her head, looks at you, then when she has your attention, she throws them both down, slamming it on the bed (it’s usually near bed time) along with the top half of her body.  The first time it happened I think it was an accidental slam but after she realized that we crack up whenever she does it, she now does it purposely and keeps doing it over and over again, laughing along with us. 

Then she has also learned how to play peek-a-boo.  We used to put a blanket or towel over her head, she would pull it off and we would yell Peek-A-Boo!  But now, she holds the towel in front of her face and then pulls it down but she expects you to yell peek-a-boo.  It’s so funny because that also cracks her up so much!  We have loved watching her grow so much and become so interactive.  We can so easily influence her and her goal right now is to please us and make us happy.  She loves it when we laugh at what she does and she in heavily influenced by the moods of those around her.  We were at dinner last night and she was playing with her favorite utensil-a spoon and had clanged it on the plate.  A waiter looked over at her-more like glared-and she whimpered and wasn’t happy after that.  However, when another waiter came over soon after that to fill our water, he looked at her and said, “You are so adorable, absolutely adorable!”  She just started giggling and playing again like she knew she was loved and accepted!


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