Ultimate Birthday Present

So Kiggster has gotten some awesome birthday presents: clothes, toys, bath toys, uber-cute photo frames, stuffed animals, and so much more!  So you’re probably wondering, what did Kiggster’s Mommy and Daddy get her?!  That’s a very good question and we’re happy to say, it was probably the best of all!  So the weeks leading up to her birthday, we read 2 books and the first one was Where is Baby’s Birthday Cake.    Since we didn’t have a birthday cake on her birthday, she definitely could have been searching for that birthday cake for a loooong time! The book was about a baby looking all around the house for her birthday cake and it was a fun lift-the-flaps book.  Both books were very appropriate because the second one was called Birthday Box.  So in this book, this baby was given an empty cardboard box for their birthday and the baby has so much fun imagining they are on a boat, airplane, etc. inside this box and ultimately just falls asleep inside this box.

So our birthday gift to her was allowing her to stay up late and rip open all her presents and play with the boxes.  She had so much fun just ripping open the gifts, playing with the tissue papers and boxes.  It was a huge sacrifice for me to let her rip the tissue papers and gift wrap ’cause usually I like to fold them neatly and save them for wrapping other gifts but I allowed her to go to town on everything!  We try not to let her stay up late ever because we pay the price for it and she’s cranky so that was a huge sacrifice letting her go past bedtime!  I would say we gave her the ultimate birthday present but she got a lot of pretty awesome ones to open that night!  Oh and can you tell from the video how frustrated she is when she can’t get the paper to tear?!  That’s a more recent development of hers, expressing frustration.

I also forgot to mention that last Tuesday when her and I were feeling sick, I woke up to her saying, “Mama, mama!” while looking at me.   Usually she just babbles and makes ma ma ma noises or other noises similar but this time it was clear she was calling me that!  This week I think I even heard her call Honey, “Da” while looking at him!  This is so amazing and she’s changing right before our eyes!  She even did her first real sign last week (sign language sign).  We thought she was batting away food with her hands but we realized that she was actually doing her version of All Done!  Wow!  So first words and first sign this month, crazy!!!!


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