VannyBean Organic Baby Boutique Review

If you haven't already heard of them, I have a new place for you all to discover! VannyBean is a new online organic baby boutique and they even carry some accessories for moms (technically, all women)! They are not like big box stores in so many ways.  It's nice knowing that a store has taken the guess work out of whether or not an item is made with quality ingredients/materials, if they're eco-friendly, if they're organic, etc.  It's clear that they only choose brands and products that meet those standards!

At VannyBean we passionately care about the simple beauty of childhood, about setting a positive example for our children by using eco-friendly products without compromising style, and finding perfect mother and baby items for gifts or everyday that reflect positively on our environment. We believe in creating a quality of life that allows expression of style, harmony and balance and strive to provide earth friendly options that achieve this philosophy. VannyBean provides you with the selection to give your baby a healthy, organic, beautiful start to life the way Mother Nature intended!

With all these reports floating out there of recalled items, lead in toys, unsafe or poorly made items, as a parent, I can be so afraid of buying something that might possibly do more harm than the fun was worth.  I previously purchased a "sale toy chest" from another baby store and was told that it could withstand even an adult sitting on it.  Well, my less than 20 pound daughter at the time broke it!  The metal hinge broke in half and I was so relieved that she wasn't standing on top of it at the time!  We paid a pretty penny for it even though it was on sale so I expected quality and durability but got neither!  Which is why, I would now rather go with a store that prides itself quality and carries only the best of the best!  I am eyeing VannyBean's Storage Chair because it's actually made of solid pine and solid brass hinges and it looks beautiful!  I have a thing for real wood furniture!  They also take custom orders for this item.  When I researched for toddler chairs in the past,big box stores were selling cheaply-made toddler chairs for about the same price as VannyBean's Storage Chair however, VannyBean's storage chair has more features, better quality, will last longer, and I know the customer service will be great to work with at VannyBean!

Via VannyBean for Storage Chair ($50 retail w/$15 shipping)

VannyBean has some super cute baby furniture that I am keeping an eye on for when we're ready for our next baby!  The Duet Bunk Bed is a really cute idea, great for our small condo, has multiple color options, comes with a custom mattress, and even a conversion kit to separate the bunk beds also!  The price tag isn't one we can afford right now, but I guess if we factor in the cost of 2 beds and mattresses, we'd be a little closer to the price tag!  Plus it even has some storage cubbies and drawers to help save space!

Via VannyBean of Duet Bunk Bed ($3,400 retail w/$400 Shipping)

Or they have this uber-glam Uptown Crib that I would have died for when we were looking for cribs for Kiggster!  I would have tried to talk him into letting us get this one for her.  It has 3 level mattress heights, spacious drawers under the crib (I love it 'cause I always need more storage), and there's the option to convert it into a twin bed!  I love the cream color, black contrast and the gold hardware…looove!  

Via VannyBean of Uptown Crib ($1,500 retail w/ $125 shipping)

So you're probably wondering what else they have besides furniture…

Via VannyBean for Wooden Dollhouse ($70 Retail w/$15 shipping)

VannyBean also sells toys such as wooden dollhouses, which you can also put in custom orders!  Can anyone say wooden doll-mansion?!  They even have wooden stilts!  I don't think I've seen wooden stilts around but that seems like fun to walk around with.  That may stem from the fact that I always wish I was a little bit taller (that makes me want to sing that old school hip-hop song) and being on stilts would let me see life from a tall chick's perspective!

Via VannyBean for Wooden Stilts ($30 retail w/$10 shipping)

They also sell the amazing line of edible art supplies that I love made by Wee Can Too Art!   They carry the edible fingerpaints as a set and individually, crayons, and chalks both the solid and swirl version.  If you'd like to read a more comprehensive review on the edible art supplies, you can read it at my Wee Can Too Art posting.  But to talk about it briefly, I love that the edible art supplies are vegan, made of all organic fruits and veggies, wheat, gluten, sugar, and preservative free but are loaded with fun for kids without the worry of toxic ingredients in their products.  Infants and toddlers wouldn't have been allowed in the past to paint or do art because parents would be afraid of their child accidently ingesting toxic paints but with these edible art supplies, their worries are now at ease.  It's not recommended that they purposely eat it but we know toddlers, they love putting things inside their mouths and now, parents can blink their eyes for a second without being worried about their babies putting toxic chemicals in their bodies!


Via VannyBean of Fingerpaint Set ($35 retail w/ free shipping)

The fingerpaint set actually sells with free shipping on VannyBean, which leads me to talk about the VannyBean website.  I actually really like how they show what shipping rates are for each item being purchased even before you add them to the cart.  It's a pet-peeve of mine to go to an online store, see an item of interest but I can't find out shipping rates because they require me to first put in all my personal information, register for their website, or input my credit card information!  I like that I can easily tell the full price total of my items!  

Screenshot of shipping tab & rates when you click on product details

VannyBean also carries cute little tote bags in their shop from Rock Love Peace.  I love that each of the tote bags has the quote "You must be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world!" or "Reduce Reuse Rock On!"  They have been lovingly deemed as the "Quote Tote!" Many of them are even reversible and lined with velvet appliques.  All the bags are one-of-a-kind so no two are alike! 

Via VannyBean for Rock Love Peace Quote Tote Bag-Reversible (Retails $30 w/ $6.95 shipping)

VannyBean has generously offered one Kangaroo Mama fan the chance to win their very own set of edible fingerpaints and a Quote Tote bag during the 2012 Blogmania event starting on Wednesday, April 25th so stay tuned for your chance to win!  However, if you'd like to make a purchase now at VannyBean's website, you can do that before the giveaway starts in a couple days!  Don't forget about the free shipping on their Fingerpaint sets!  To read other VannyBean reviews, go check out Everyday Ramblings Of My Life and Going Crazy Wanna Go?! blogs!

Edible Finger Paint set retails for $35 and the QuoteTote Bag (Surprise Print) retails for $30 and both will be part of the 2012 Blogmania "Mommy & Baby Dull Day Makeover" giveaway prize package starting 4/25! TONIGHT!  NOW so come enter here!


Kangaroo Mama was provided the Tote Bag for free from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. Prize and shipping is the responsibility of the sponsor company.



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  1. New follower from Newbie Blog Hop! Look forward to following your blog!

  2. So fun! They offer a lot of great stuff, love the totes:)

    • The totes are totally fun looking, I love the reversibility of them too so if I wanted it to look differently, I just flip it inside out!

  3. My daughter would have such a blast with the finger paint, I so want it!!!!!! Wouldn't they make for an amazing photo session with her too?!

  4. I'm really liking the idea of edible finger paint. Not sure how long it's been around for, but it's definitely something I would be willing to purchase…since Landon eats everything he can get his fingers on LOL

    • You know, I discovered them last year but I want to say they weren’t around too long before that. I know my daughter was putting everything into her mouth, which is why I really wanted the paints!


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