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This past Saturday, May 3rd was the grand opening of a much needed grocery store in the Visitacion Valley area.  Grocery Outlet on Bayshore Boulevard opened its doors to the neighborhood with some great festivities.  They gave a pallet of food worth $1000 to the Visitacion Valley Strong Families, offered free coffee, free eco-frugal reusable bags for the first 500 customers, games, prizes, free face painting for the kids, and more! This area has been missing a good grocery store for quite some time.  My grandparents, who have lived in the neighborhood for 4 decades, used to take the bus to Chinatown for all their grocery needs because they couldn’t find it close to home.  However, with their age now, they aren’t able to take the bus and carry all their groceries back home anymore, therefore Grocery Outlet being blocks away from their house, is something very needed!   When I lived in Visitacion Valley, I would have to drive to all the surrounding neighborhoods to get everything I needed because I could never find the organic milk, produce, and even non-perishables all in one convenient place.

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Then there are big box grocery stores where the best deals were to be found with coupons.  I always dreamed about being an extreme couponer but the reality was: 1) I didn’t subscribe to the newspaper for said coupons 2) coupons were usually for “junk” food and not so much the everyday whole fruits, veggies, and meats that I like for our family to consume 3) I didn’t have time to clip them 4) I always lose them or worse forget them in the car but would be too lazy to go back out for them 5) remember I had coupons after they expired and 6) there are still not enough mobile app coupons that I can just pull up on my phone for my grocery store purchases!  Wow, is that enough reasons why I haven’t been saving money on my grocery bills?  Well, Grocery Outlet is taking away those reasons and providing groceries and more at a fraction of the cost, up to 50%, compared to other grocery stores and all without those dreaded coupons!

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As you can see, no coupons were used to make this purchase but I still saved $21.10 compared to if I went to other grocery stores!  I didn’t make any produce purchases this time but went shopping with some family members that really enjoy sweets so that’s what my whole purchase consisted of!  So you’re probably wondering how Grocery Outlet can give you great prices and deals without coupons?!  Great question!

“We source product opportunistically.  Simply put, we buy brand name products directly from their manufacturers for pennies on the dollar.  When manufacturers has surplus inventory like excess packaging or manufacturing overruns they call Grocery Outlet first.”

Grocery Outlet carries everything from produce, meats, frozen foods, wine, health & beauty products, organic selection, even 99 cent Mother’s Day cards, and more.  One thing to keep in mind, what they carry changes frequently so if you see something you like when you’re there, make sure you grab enough or it may not be there again the next time.  I know, like some other people, when I buy groceries, a dollar store or an outlet is not the first place that comes to mind and in fact, I am hesitant to shop at those places for my food because I can think maybe all the items are either expired or too close to expiration foods.  That is not the case with Grocery Outlet, I checked many of the items while I was at the store and the expiration dates were similar to what I would find in big box stores and I was assured by Grocery Outlet that their foods are of great quality.  Plus, I was told that Grocery Outlet has a guarantee and if anything is wrong with a product, just go ahead and return the item for your money back!

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This is their NOSH (Natural Organic Specialty Healthy) non-perishables section, LOOOOVE IT!  I buy plenty of Mary’s Gone Crackers and they even carried a new gluten-free flavor that I had not seen elsewhere yet and definitely not for that great price!

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This is only a sampling of the produce that they offer at Grocery Outlet!

Grocery Outlet Plants Collage.png


If you have a green thumb, you want to go check out their selections of herbs, flowers, tomato plants!  Those beautiful orchids are only $7.99 and would make a great last minute and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift along with an inexpensive 99 cent Mother’s Day card at the Grocery Outlet one-stop-shopping!

Annies Bunnies Collage.png

Who doesn’t love organic bunny crackers?!  Well, apparently my little Kiggster and my cousin both found something they liked in Grocery Outlet and for a cheaper price than what I usually buy them for!

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Grocery Outlet has also been generous enough to offer 2 Kangaroo Mama readers a chance to each win a $25 Grocery Outlet gift card.  Make sure you enter to win below before May 20, 2014 and come back to fulfill the optional daily entries to increase your chances.  Good luck!

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  1. I love all the great prices. I am not sure what the first thing I would buy would be. I’m often surprised by the special things I find there!

  2. jaimee wood says:

    I love the different deals I find. I recently found 1 lb of my favorite mozzarella cheese for $1.28!

  3. I like the that it has discounted items.

  4. Caitlyn Dunphy says:

    Glad to hear there’s a neighborhood grocery store in that area. Long overdue! I am excited to see all that they have to offer; always looking out for good snack items to take along for the kids

  5. Gift cards or cheese snacks

  6. I love Geocery Outlet’s organic section! It’s surprising what you can find there- coconut oil, tahini, sprouted mung beans, almond milk, tri-color quinoa, I could go on and on! I’m currently on a liver detox, and was pleasantly surprised to find many natural and organic foods that are allowed on the detox at Grocery Outlet. Glad I stopped there before the more expensive, natural grocery stores.

  7. Marie B. says:

    Definitely teriyaki seaweed! The kids don’t know it’s a vegetable (shhh! don’t tell them!) and Grocery Outlet has the BEST price!

  8. barbara Adams says:

    I found Grocery Outlet last year, and have saved so much money…and widened our eating vistas..just so many good offers..I would probably stock up on the teas

  9. There’s a Grocery Outlet next to my in-law’s house. When we visit, we like to go there. They have lower prices and some better selection than the grocery stores where I live. Thanks!

  10. I like that Grocery Outlet is affordable and close to my home.
    Ty recently posted..Ultimate Dieting Tips to Help Extend Your Life ExpectancyMy Profile

  11. Oh very cool! I can’t wait to try my local one!

  12. I would buy cereal

  13. Kristen says:

    I’d buy a planter box I saw outside our local GO last time we passed by.

  14. Eunice says:

    I love their deals on yogurt, sometimes they have greek yogurt 3 for $1, what a great deal! With the gift card, I’d go and buy some dairy and pasta!

  15. Lisa Brown says:

    i would buy lots of cheese 🙂

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