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Remember when I discovered Wee Can Too Art (2nd part of the posting) at a baby fair and fell in love with their products?!  Well, they’ve been nominated to be the finalists in the Cribsie Awards under the category: Nicest Toddler Paints That Don’t Require A Gas Mask.  You can cast your votes from now until March 16th and please do because every vote that’s cast goes towards a good cause.  For every vote, 1 diaper will be donated to a  family in need, so start voting away!

Wee Can Too Art has an amazing line of art supplies for infants and toddlers.  Not only are they non-toxic but they are also made from 100% organic food-based ingredients.  I have to say, there are way too many disappointing art supplies out there that are labeled “non-toxic” but are products I would not consider for my household, not even after Kiggster stops putting stuff in her mouth. I love that their products are completely edible.  Not as a meal, but meaning, if your child tries to eat it, it’s ok!

So head on over and start voting!

Also, you can check out their website for more information and to purchase their products.  If you do make a purchase from them, please let them know in the Comments or Notes to Seller field that Kangaroo Mama sent you or if you’re having trouble doing that, just leave me a comment on this posting letting me know you made a purchase!  They will also be participating in Kangaroo Mama’s giveaways coming up at the end of March/beginning of April so stay tuned to win a set of your own art supplies from Wee Can Too Art.  We’re cheering for Wee Can Too to take the lead on helping our kids become gas-mask-free!



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  1. The Clever Neighbor says:

    This is really cool to hear about! I know a lot of people who would be interested in it!

  2. love that their products are edible 🙂

  3. mystickitchen says:

    voted and what a great cause! I love how the paints are made from 100% organic food-based ingredients! thanks for sharing!

  4. JackSamMum says:

    Voted…what a great way to help keep toxic products away from our little ones 🙂

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  5. the worstest mommy says:

    I voted and I'm a new follower from the Newbie Blog Hop.

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