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So last Friday was a day that I was dreading for a long time now!  It was Kiggster’s very first blood draw and I knew this was coming for a whole year now but no matter how I tried to prepare for it, nothing helped to settle my nerves.  It’s supposed to be a routine blood draw for a 1 year old but a lot of my friends who have Kaiser didn’t have this.  I guess it was checking for lead and Hep B and since they needed to do one, I had them also check her blood type.  I called only about a million times to the pediatrician and to the hospital lab trying to find out what I could do to make it low pain/no pain for Kiggster.  The answers were always the same…nothing.  So I just kept her really well hydrated (which made for several wet pants that day ’cause her regular diapers wasn’t ready for all the extra liquids).  I prayed a lot several months leading to it that she wouldn’t inherit my rolling veins (nurses always call me a hard stick because they can never get blood from me-it’s quite a painful process).  I prayed that she would cooperate and that God would protect her delicate little self!  My prayers were definitely answered and beyond what I could have asked for!

We got there and checked into our appointment.  We were brought to a separate room (kid’s room) and it was nice because it was away from everyone else with a door, space for both parents and 2 nurses.  Their only “child” decor were 3 cartoon photos on the wall but that’s ok, Kiggster was curious about all the vials more than the decor.  She didn’t like having the rubber band around her arm but she didn’t try to squirm or pull her hand away, just whimpered.  Then when they were ready to stick her, I wanted to turn her head away, cover her eyes, or just distract her and she just wanted to stare right at the needle instead!  She cried right when it went in, then a second later, it went to screaming but never did she try to pull her hand away or squirm, just cried.  So Honey and I decided to sing her a song to help calm her nerves (alright, it was to calm my nerves ’cause I was about to cry).  We sang “Jesus Loves Me” and it was cool because the nurse started singing with us too.  Kiggster immediately stopped crying when we started singing and she just whimpered but didn’t cry, she almost sank into my arms after that (they had me hold her on my lap).  It didn’t go as quick as I thought-they ended up taking 4 vials, which I didn’t understand ’cause I thought they would just take 1 vial and divy it out amongst the different tests they were running.


Here’s our brave Kiggster immediately after they bandaged up her battle wound!  She bounced back really quickly and was wanting to pat the blue arm rest.

Couldn’t get myself to take pictures during, thought about it but I was way too nervous about her to think about it and seemed almost inappropriate to document her pain. We headed to Golden Gate Park for a take-out picnic (We love food from Beautifull and apparently, Kiggster does too)!

 It was such a beautiful day out and felt so nice to not have to drag myself into work on a sunny day!


She’s examining the butternut squash in her hands!  She’s recently gotten a lot better at feeding herself.  Rather than just squeezing the life out of her food (still does that sometimes), she’s actually putting more of them in her mouth and eating it!  However, she does like feeding people a lot more than herself though!




I love watching the interaction between Honey and Kiggster, it’s such amazing father/daughter time!  He knows her so well and sacrifices so much for her sake, whether it’s for her nap time sake, play time, meal time, etc.  She’s definitely got Daddy wrapped around those tiny fingers!  We had fun at the park before Honey had to leave for class but Kiggster enjoyed walking around the grass, picking up leaves, and touching the cement walkway (not sure what was so interesting about that)!





Then while Daddy was in class, Kiggster slept, and Mama worked on more craft projects.  I need to have Kiggster model them maybe tomorrow so I can post pictures.  They’re going to be for a baby shower on Saturday (yup, same day as her party) and I hope they turn out well!
Oh by the way, if you haven’t seen Kiggster recently, she’s grown 2 top teeth and I think she’s gonna be famous one day!  She’s got the Madonna gap…
Here bottom teeth are perfectly lined next to each other but then those rare moments when she’ll show you her top teeth…they have this cute little gap and they have a slight angle to them too!  She’s too cute!  That picture is the only one I have of her showing her top teeth and that took me tickling her the whole time and Honey taking the picture and about 6 tries to capture that.  Are you excited for her party?!  I am and hope that we get some good weather this weekend!  Toodles!

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