We’re Off To See The Wizard…

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of … Sacramento?!  We’re almost all ready for our adventure!  Mamaroo got her haircut…finally, after 10 months!  Honey booked me an appointment to  Maison Deux with Ellie and things got off to a great start!  I had no pictures and a bad description: short, low maintenance, look like a girl, with the option to style my hair for special occasions.  Her client right before me also had a short haircut that looked really nice so that was a good sign.  She was super nice and listened to what I wanted, my style, and what would look good on me.  I didn’t offer much guidance though.


Here we are waiting for my appointment, all dressed in my smock and ready to go.


There’s Ellie prepping my hair and trying to see what I liked or was looking for.  Honey took Kiggster for a walk while I got my cut.   Then they came back in time for the big reveal…

I was really happy with the cut and was glad Honey found me the salon and Ellie!  Think I’ll be coming back! No more ponytails, yeah!




That’s us getting all packed…Honey, I got the Kiggster covered!  She’s all packed and ready to go!  Well, that was me putting her in the suitcase while turning on her favorite Baby Signing Times DVD so we could learn some sign language while packing!  We’re all ready now but before we head on the road, we’re gonna go to our swim class now.  See you all later!


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