Wild at the Zoo

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  Last week was such a blur and it passed by before I knew it.  Kiggster is just getting cuter by the second!  Over labor day weekend (yes, I’m that behind), Kiggster perfected her clapping skill.  She already was putting her hands together and doing the clapping motions before that but didn’t do it because something was plausible but just because she could do it.  Over that weekend, Honey was finishing his homework and a test he was running on the computer worked and he said “YEAH!”  Kiggster was in the living room with me and she started clapping w/this goofy wrinkly nose smile when she heard Daddy say “Yeah!”  Isn’t that amazing that now she knows when is an appropriate time to clap?!  Now when she takes a bite of something, pulls herself up, does something cute, or just about anything, she’ll clap and expect us to say Yeah!  During that weekend, Yee-Yee came to spend lots of time with her and got to see first hand what she was doing.  By the way Tina, send me pics from your iPhone from the swim class!  I let her swim with Kiggster last Saturday and they seemed to really enjoy themselves in the water together!  Here’s Kiggster practicing her clapping…and randomly doing the milk sign, and just being silly…

During the week leading up to labor day, Honey decided to take Kiggster to the SF Zoo and have some fun.  We even took the plunge for a family membership so that he could take her as often as they needed.  I think it’s a pretty good investment now that she’s so aware of everything around her and takes an interest in all the animals she sees.  Honey brought a stroller and put her diaper bag in the storage compartment.  He even brought a snack bar for himself to enjoy after the petting zoo area and left it on the outside compartment of the diaper bag.  Here’s them enjoying the different animals inside the petting zoo…

Baa-Baa black sheep, have you any wool?!

It’s a billy goat next to our Kiggster!

I love how she’s totally not scared of any of the animals, she loves looking at them, then after careful observation, she’ll go and touch them!  I think the animals should be more scared of her than the other way around-she’s not very gentle to the touch!

This must be Honey when he discovered that his snack bar was missing!  He came back after the petting zoo to some crumbs in the diaper bag but no snack bar!  Then he notices a sign outside of the petting zoo that warned people: “Keep snacks away from the squirrels!”  Oops, I guess Honey lost his snacks to the resident squirrels at the zoo!  Hehe!



Kiggster & her gopher friends!  She’s also holding a pink ladybug balloon that Honey got for her.  The lady bug was free at the zoo but he felt bad for getting a free item (That’s where we differ) and so he bought her a second balloon-a Hello Kitty balloon animal!  I think they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the zoo that day.  Wish I could have been there but so glad I got to see some pictures though!


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