Willow Store: Sprout Change One Size Training Pants Review & Giveaway

Some of you may think Willow Store sounds familiar and that's because their Organic Super Wipes were previously featured on Kangaroo Mama!  This time, you'll get to see their Sprout Change Training Pants.  I was given the opportunity to review their Sprout Change One-Size Training Pant in Black.  I really liked this training pant because  you could really customize the size to your child with their easy waist elastic adjustment.  Plus, the buttons on the waist elastic are concealed so you don't see it and it's not touching your child's precious skin and leaving red marks/indentations!  You can see below for pictures and instructions on how the adjustment works:



Find the snaps on the wings. To get the best fit, do the adjustment while child is wearing the trainer

Sprout Change Trainer adjust step 1


Unsnap the small pocket on one of the wings. Pull out the button and elastic ends.


Unhook the waist elastic, pull the elastic until gently snug around child. Button it on the new setting. Repeat for the 2nd button on that side to adjust the leg size. Then go to the other wing and adjust only the leg setting (you've already done the waist). That's it!

Sprout Change trainer adjust step 1

The training pant is meant to fit children from 20-50 lbs (2T-5T) with the adjustable and customized fit but it even fit Kiggster and she was not yet 20 pounds.  So when I first received this training pant, Kiggster was about 16 months old, a little less than 20 pounds and the training pant still fit her well.  I adjusted it so that it was still a little loose because these were actually her very first training pant experience and I wanted her to easily pull it on and off!  With other training pants that aren't adjustable on the waist, Kiggster had a harder time pulling them down past her cute little bum and would get frustrated so leaving it looser helped her learn to pull them down rather than give up halfway…the kind where you see crack! 

There is no stuffing or inserts to deal with in this training pant which is a huge plus for me, it's like an all-in-one (AIO) diaper where you can wash, dry, and wear it as is.  The inside of the diaper is a feel-wet material to encourage potty training and so it isn't used by the child or parent as a diaper and allow them to go unchanged.  However, I find that the Sprout Change Training Pant is a great starter training pant for children who have not had prior experience using training pants before because the whole outer shell of the training pant is made of a waterproof material.  It's a great stepping stone between going from diapers to potty training and you don't have to worry about them soaking their clothes in pee just because you couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough!  

Kiggster had some poopy accidents in this training pant and it still washed off well.  The training pant, when filled with pee, does get quite heavy but it is quite absorbent.  Almost the whole training pant is made with the absorbent material rather than just the middle area, which is nice because Kiggster is quite active and usually her diapers and training pants get shifted. The sewn in insert is large enough to cover the whole training pant, which is different than many other training pants I have seen.   


So do you want a chance to win one for yourself?!  Willow Store has generously offered 1 winner the chance to win a  Sprout Change One-Size Training Pant in their choice of color!  The giveaway will be going live on Saturday, September 1st and will end on September 15th as part of the Fall Fluff Cloth Diapering Giveaway Hop prize package.  Can't wait for the giveaway?!  The Sprout Change One-Size Training Pant can be purchased at the Willow Store website here for $18.95 for the StayDry or $19.95 for the Organic.  They also have Snap Extenders to help grow with your child! 

Don't forget to come back and enter the Fall Fluff Giveaway Hop and win some amazing prizes!


Kangaroo Mama was provided product for free from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. Fulfillment and shipping of the prize is the responsibility of the sponsor company and not Kangaroo Mama.



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  1. Autumn Street says:

    How do I enter for the giveaway?

  2. I would choose the organic cherry changing pants.

  3. I like the lavender best. I love that they are side snapping! We've had some interesting moments with pull on underwear here. Side snaps would make those messy accidents a little easier to deal with.

  4. The giveaway was supposed to go live yesterday — but I don't see any entry form 🙁

  5. the stay dry in Aqua. How do these compare to Super Undies?

    • I have only had experience with the Super Undies pull on so I can only compare the pull on to the Willow Store Sprout Change. The Sprout Change has snaps on the side which makes it really convenient for those that are early on in their potty training journey. The Super Undies pull-on comes with a half pocket, allowing you to add an extra insert when needed for those that might need the extra absorbency. I actually use both a lot, depending on what time of day. Early mornings is Sprout Change (poops and bigger pees happen then) and later in the day time, Super Undies.

  6. I would love the black

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