Yellow Balloon

So I did mention previously that Kiggster had a lot of party invites this last couple months right?!  Can you believe all our outings and invitations are really for her and not for us anymore?!  We’re known as Rayne’s mom and dad now and not by names anymore!  It’s funny because when you get married, you lose your identity to your spouse.  People will say, “Hi, how’s *fill with spouse’s name*?”  They don’t say hi to you anymore.  Well, when you have kids, it’s worse!  They say, “How’s Rayne doing?” “Does Rayne want to come to the party?” or “You think Rayne’s mom will bring her here, shoot, I can’t remember her name, but I may not have ever asked what her name was!”  We always ask what baby’s name is but never the parents so at her swim classes, I make a conscious effort to know all the parents names, along with their kids, but guess whose names I remember each week though…the babies!

One of her BFFs is Aaliyah and she had a birthday party last weekend and we got to take her there after her nap, which also meant we missed the pool part of the party!   We even skipped putting on her pants because we thought she could get dressed quicker for the pool that way.  Hence the reason for her bare naked legs in all the pictures!  Everyone was like, “Uh why isn’t Rayne wearing any pants?!”  Well, she was ready for the pool party but since it was done already and everyone moved inside for the food and birthday song, we just left her that way!  There were some balloons at the party and of course all the babies wanted one!

That’s Aaliyah the birthday girl!

 That’s Kiggster in her bright yellow diaper coveting over Aaliyah’s special birthday balloon!  Then…


Yup, then Kiggster takes matters into her own hands and goes after the balloon.  Poor Aaliyah didn’t know what hit her (good thing that wasn’t literal)!  She lost her balloon to Kiggster!

Good thing Aaliyah’s grandma came to the rescue with balloons for everyone!  Aaliyah with her special balloon and guess what, Kiggster gets a yellow balloon to match her diaper! Hahaha, not on purpose but pretty funny though!  All seemed good after that…



They all lined up to play with their balloons.  We seriously didn’t line them up, somehow they all just ended up in a perfect row!  Kiggster loved her yellow balloon, she even took it home and still loves playing with it!

For her BFFs birthdays, we’ve been making little headbands as gifts and Kiggster’s been my model.  Here she is modeling the one we made for Aaliyah…

Here’s my first attempt at a rolled flower headband.

(This is from the SnazzieDrawers free rolled flowers tutorial)

 Hmm, eyes-closed pose, I’m jealous of her long eyelashes!


Haha, her behind-the-head model pose!

She is so stinkin’ cute, I can’t event explain it! We have a second headband but we’ll have to wait to post it since the birthday party is this Sunday-wouldn’t want to reveal it before it’s given as a gift!  Kiggster’s family party is this Saturday too, can’t wait.  I’ve been like a mad woman trying to put together little things for it!  I must say, I think it’s coming together nicely!  Toodles and TGIF, wooohooo!



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