You Color My World & You Make Me Happy Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentines Printables

So for the last 2 years, I actually didn't give any Valentine's cards out for Kiggster's friends.  One, I felt they were too young to understand what it was anyways, two, I felt they probably didn't need more candy or other paraphernalia, and third, Valentine's Day always just crept up on me before I had time to think about it.  So this year, I was determined to do something for Kiggster's besties because she actually enjoys giving things to people and making some stuff.  So I decided since Kiggster's nickname sometimes is Rayne-bow, Rayne-drop and the like, I had use that theme when creating her Valentine's Day cards.  Since I didn't want to give out candy as I was sure there would be plenty going around already, I decided to go for homemade crayons instead.  However, these Valentine's cards would go well with store bought crayons also, which I have seen on sale right now at Michaels or sold in party packs for pretty inexpensive!

Vday Cards

You can attach the crayons onto the Valentines Day cards with double sided tape or you could put them both into a cello bag.  I went for the cello bags, which I grabbed from Target for $1.  I sealed the bags with a little sticker.  The cards can be downloaded for free by clicking on the images.  They will print 4 cards to a page and also, I included 2 versions, one that has To and From printed at the bottom and the other is blank with just the images just in case you don't want to have to write names on them (ie. if your child's class is huge)!  Oh and the pink valentines you see up above are not included in the printables down below because those were actually the result of my printer running out of blue ink and turned the cards pink but I thought they still looked pretty good so I still used them! 

Wrapped Crayom Valentines Ideas


Blank Valentines Cards

You color My World Valentine    You Make Me Happy Valentine

To & From Valentines Cards

You color My World Valentine to from   You Make Me Happy Valentine to from

If you would like to make some DIY Upcycled Crayons, you can find the tutorial here!



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  1. These are so super cute to give with a pack of crayons! Love these!

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